Company Profile:
Dealing business in health industry since August 8th 2005, MT Healthcare Products have always been the name of quality and synergy. The Company has not only broken through but also introduced to allover Turkey worldwide reputable and high-quality brands with affordable prices, which has led the Company to become the leader in the country. İn addition that Mt Medical is one of the biggest Adult diapers , fabric orthopedics and blood glucose test strips seller in TURKEY.

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Countries Export to:
Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Azerbaijan

Elastic Bandage, Oxygen Mask, Arm Sling, Clavicula Bandage, Calf Support, Aerosol Chamber, Enema Kit, Foley Catheter, Blood Glucose Monitoring System, Blood Glucose Strip, Compressor Nebulizer - Eolo Flo, Ankle Support, Donut Cushion, BOUFFANT CAP - Green, Cervical Collar, Abdominal Support Corset, Aircast Ankle Support, Ankle Support - Ligament Support New, Blood Pressure Monitor – Arm Type, Carpi Blood Pressure Monitor – Wrist Type, Chest Corset, Cleansing Sponge, Coldhot Pack, Cork Insole, Corset Lumbo-Sacral, Corset Posturex, Cotton Fabric Plaster, Crutch – With Screw, Dequarveine Splint, Dult Diaper, Elbow Brace – Epicondylitis Supported, Examination Gloves With Aloe Vera, Compressor Nebulizer, Blood Glucose Strip - Ebsensor, Insulin Pen Needles – Ebfine, Insulin Pen Needles – Forafine, Wicromed Adult Diaper, Wicromed Protective Bed Sheet, Wicronpro Talking Blood Pressure Monitor, Wicron Carpi Blood Pressure Monitor, Wicronpump Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor With Cuff, Wicromed Examination Gloves With Aloe Vera, Wicromed Cervical Collar – Nelson, Wicromed Cervical Collar - Philadelphia, Wicromed Elastic Bandage, Wicromed Cold&Hot Pack (Thermo Gel)(With Case), Wicromed Wheelchair Manuel, Wicromed Power Wheelchair, Wicromed Manuel Wheelchair For Children, Wicromed Clavicula Bandage, Wicromed Aircast Ankle Support, Wicromed Sholuder Support - Neopren, Wicromed Arm Sling (30/45/60 Degree), Wicromed Elbow Brace – Epicondylitis Supported, Stress Ball, Oncomed Scale –Height Meter Digital, Oncomed Scale – Height Meter Mechanical, Oncomed Test Hcg – Pregnancy Test Card, Wicromed Walker, Wicromed Walking Stick – Adjustable, Wicromed Walking Stick ( Quadruple), Wicromed Elastic Mask - 2 Layers, Wicro Aerosol Chamber, Wicromed Scalp Vein Set, Rina Vap Compressor Nebulizer, Wicromed Incentive Spirometers, Wicromed Crutch – With Screw, Wicromed Ankle Support - Ligament Support New, Wicromed Epicondylitis Bandage, Wicromed Calf Support ( Up ), Wicromed Corset Posturex (Hooked), Wicromed Hand Wrist Splint With Thumb Support, Rina Oxygen Concentrator, Wicromed Pediatric Sterile Urine Bag, Wicromed Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Mediphonex Varicose Socks Antiembolic, Mediphonex Varsity Stocking, Orthopedic Cast (American), Wicromed Silicone Orthopedic Insole, Wicromed Cork Insole, Wicromed Silicone Epin Heel, Wicromed Silicone Metatarsal Pad, Wicromed Silicone Bunion Cushion, Wicromed Medical Clogs, Wicromed Enema Kit, Wicromed External Male Condom Catheter, Foley Catheter Silicone, Wicromed Cleansing Sponge, I.V Cannula, Wicromed Hernia Truss – Single, Wicromed Hernia Truss – Double Sided, Wicromed Silicone Toe Spreader, Ultrasound – Ecg Gel, Wicromed Dequarveine Splint, Wicromed Woolen Corset, Wicromed Abdominal Support Corset ( Hooked), Wicromed Chest Corset (Hooked), Wicromed Lumbostad Support Corset, Wicromed Corset Lumbo-Sacral (Hooked), Wicromed Calf Support ( Down ), Wicromed Woolen Knee Support, Wicromed Patella Knee Support, Wicromed Hinged Patella Knee Support, Wicromed Gauze Bandage, Wicromed Gauze Compress, Wicromed Gauze Hydrophile, Wicrotrans Plaster Trans (Polyethylene), Wicroplast Cotton Fabric Plaster, Wicropore Non-Woven Hypoallergenic Plaster, Wicrofix Hypoallergenic Elastic Plaster, Wicroipek Plaster Silk, Visco Travel Cushion, Lumbar Cushion

Established Date: 2005  Tax Office: Haliç  Tax Number: 6230257606  Staff Count: 101-250  Export Specialist: Mirey ELMOFTİ